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USU pages are designed with accessibility and ease-of-use in mind. While we strive to ensure that our pages look and respond well in all browsing environments, issues may arise that impede your viewing of our site. We cannot always ensure that pages will display properly in older versions of browsers or as new browsers are released that parse pages differently. We welcome any and all comments and suggestions submitted with the intent of improving your experience at our site.

We work to make every page on our site fully accessible. If you encounter a problem, i.e. unreadable file or download, visual/multimedia presentation that is not adequately described, media that is not presented in an accessible format, contact us. We will do everything possible to find a solution to any accessibility problem should it arise.

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Accessibility Tools/Resources

  • Department of Defense (DOD) Computer/Electronic Accommodation Program
  • Section 508.gov: Federal Accessibility Initiative
  • Federal Relay Service (FRS)
  • IT Access for Persons with Disabilities

Third Party Plugin

This web site contains links to files in the PDF proprietary format. You may need to download the PDF plugin located at http://get.adobe.com/reader/.