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The Brain Tissue Repository is at the forefront of scientific research on traumatic brain injury.

Our scientists and physicians are among the best in their field. Check back often as we update this page with new findings, events, and featured press coverage.

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Our Findings

Our scientists compare injured and uninjured brain tissue to better understand the effects of traumatic brain injury on brain health. We have discovered a unique scarring pattern that may explain post-blast symptoms like headache, memory issues, sleep problems, and post-traumatic stress.

Researchers interested in collaboration or use of our facilities for your research, please contact us.

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60 Minutes: How IEDs may be physically causing PTSD

Dr. Daniel Perl’s research on blast-related traumatic brain injury in the military highlighted on “60 Minutes,” watch the video here.

Press Coverage

Our work has been covered by the New York Times, National Geographic, 60 Minutes, and many other news and media outlets. Articles may require a subscription.

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The New York Times Magazine: What if PTSD Is More Physical Than Psychological?

A new study supports what a small group of military researchers has suspected for decades: that modern warfare destroys the brain.

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The New York Times: Research Traces Link Between Combat Blasts and PTSD

Research traces link between combat blasts and PTSD

Impacts of TBI

National Geographic: ‘Shell Shock’ – The 100-Year Mystery May Now Be Solved

A landmark study sheds new light on the damage caused by “blast shock” – the signature injury of wars for more than a century.

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National Geographic: Healing Soldiers

Brain trauma from blast force is the signature injury of the Iraq and Afghanistan campaigns, afflicting hundreds of thousands of U.S. combat personnel. Although unseen, the damage strikes deeply into a soldier’s mind and psyche.

Partner with us

We work with many organizations that support military families. Education is a major part of our mission. To help us raise awareness, please share our brochure and website.


Our team has published many research papers, including:

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