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60 Minutes: How IEDs may be physically causing PTSD

Dr. Dan Perl's research on blast-related TBI in the military highlighted on "60 Minutes," watch the video here.

What is CTE?

Dr. Perl describes chronic traumatic encephalopathy, or CTE.

The New York Times Magazine: What if PTSD Is More Physical Than Psychological?

A new study supports what a small group of military researchers has suspected for decades: that modern warfare destroys the brain.

National Geographic: 'Shell Shock' - The 100-Year Mystery May Now Be Solved

A landmark study sheds new light on the damage caused by "blast shock" - the signature injury of wars for more than a century.

The New York Times: Research Traces Link Between Combat Blasts and PTSD

Research traces link between combat blasts and PTSD

National Geographic: Healing Soldiers

Brain trauma from blast force is the signature injury of the Iraq and Afghanistan campaigns, afflicting hundreds of thousands of U.S. combat personnel. Although unseen, the damage strikes deeply into a soldier’s mind and psyche.

Al Jazeera Reports on CNRM's Work

Al Jazeera America looks at Dr. Perl's work on untangling TBI and PTSD

NBC 4 Reports on Brain Bank

NBC 4 in Washington, DC airs a story on the benefits of the CNRM Brain Tissue Repository.

DOD Establishes Tissue Bank to Study Brain Injuries

The Defense Department has established the world's first brain tissue repository to help researchers understand the underlying mechanisms of traumatic brain injury in service members.

DoD Establishes Brain Tissue Repository for TBI (video)

The Navy's "All Hands Update" reviews DoD's move to establish a brain tissue repository at CNRM.

USA Today: Military creates brain repository to study wounds

USA Today wrote about the CNRM Brain Tissue Repository's preliminary efforts and the work of Dr. Perl. (Nov 28, 2012)

New York Times: Suicide Reveals Signs of a Disease Seen in N.F.L.

The New York Times quotes Dr. Perl in an investigation of the tragic link between sports-related TBI and suicide.

New York Times: A Chance for Clues to Brain Injury in Combat Blasts

The New York Times writes about the early development of brain tissue repositories for answering questions about blast-related TBI. (June 22, 2009)